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The Prescription Drug Monitoring Program is once again being proposed in Missouri and soon in Springfield. Click on the PDMP tab and find out why this is bad legislation. 


On Monday, April 24, 2017, the Jefferson County Council made history when it voted down a bill to join St. Louis County’s federal grant and start a PDMP. I believe this is the first political subdivision in the nation that voted against PDMP legislation. Maybe the tide has started to turn.

The Senate substitute PDMP bill HB 90 &68 was voted down by the House. It now goes to a Conference Committee. The Senate may vote on a clean PDMP bill SB 314 that is virtually identical to the original House bill HB 90.

Click on PDMP tab to find out what Springfield has already done and plans to do.

There is a tab for the Locke and Smith Foundation (L&SF). You will find the results for the 2016 Locke and Smith Award ranking for the Senate and House. Click in the Scorecard and see the sea of red. The other activity I am involved in is the KTR Team. Take a look at the page.

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