My newly published article on the failure of Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs    PDMP Article

The Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) bills died in the Missouri Senate in 2019. The six senators that formed the Conservative Caucus have been the only senators that are protecting the liberty of the people. The Conservative Caucus consists of: Eric Burlison (R-20), Bill Eigel (R-23), Denny Hoskins (R-21), Andrew Koenig (R-15), Cindy O’Laughlin (R-18), and Bob Onder (R-02). They filibustered HB 126 the “GM give away deal” bill for 20 hours. It eventually passed but with significant changes due to the filibuster. They were ready to filibuster HB 188. That bill remained on the informal calendar because the Republican leadership knew it would be filibustered completely so that no other legislation would be passed.

The proponents of big government are back this year with a vengeance. The PDMP bill is HB 1693. Here is a summary of the reasons why this legislation is bad for the state and the entire country.   PDMP Summary

PDMP Facts

  • The Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs do not lower the death rate.
  • Doctor shopping is not the problem.
  • The Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs can not stop the tiny amount of doctor shopping that does exist.
  • Databases are not secure.
  • Citizens are loosing their liberty, because it’s unconstitutional.

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